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The Show Must Go Off!: The Vandals Live at House of Blues


Image of The Show Must Go Off!: The Vandals Live at House of Blues

8 camera broadcast quality video and 24 tracks of sound make this Orange County home town performance of 22 songs by the Vandals a must have. They will never be younger or better looking than they were on this night!

Then the Vandals give you more: Witness the Josh Freese-Cam!. At any time during the viewing of this DVD, you can push one button on your remote to instantly see what Josh is doing at that moment, complete with a "picture in a picture" close-up of his foot pedal action. How does he do it? Here are many of the answers. Is this a concert film or a drum clinic? One has to ask.

This is the CD live audio that also includes The DVD.

Do you like the Vandals' lyrics? One button can put every word spoken or sung that night right on the screen at any stage of the concert (bouncing ball not included). Don't get the jokes? Study them. Learn Engrish!

There are also plenty of the kind of Easter eggs, trailers, videos, previews that make any episode of Kung Fu's "The Show Must Go Off" super special; 88 minutes of total material!