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The Vandals: "Hollywood Potato Chip" CD


Image of The Vandals: "Hollywood Potato Chip" CD

In the midst of all their other contributions to society (like running a successful independent record label, writing hit songs for a hit movie, performing with other BIGGER bands and musicians, and selling booze to the demanding public), four So-Cal guys decided it was time to release another album. Thankfully, those four guys happen to be established punk legends.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kung Fu Records is proud to present Hollywood Potato Chip. By bringing in a few heavy-hitters to the cause, namely Jerry Finn (AFI, Blink-182, Alkaline Trio and 100 others) who mixed the album, makes Hollywood Potato Chip an exceptional album among a history of exceptional albums. Keeping in the tradition of fast-tempo melodies and numerous inside jokes, The Vandals remain one of the last bastions of punk rock that can be fun without compromising musicality and performance ability. As an ode to the shady industry in which many people strive to be a part of, The Vandals have created an album that pays tribute to the darker side of Hollywood, where naive and starry-eyed transplants are put through the twisted ringer of head shots and casting calls, and once the energetic drive is over, all that is left behind are remnants of a once-powerful Producer and a filthy couch on the sidewalk.

Where were we? Oh yeah....it's awesome!

Track listing:

1. This Is My Special Moment
2. Good Robot
3. My Neck, My Back, My Neack and My Back
4. That Guy
5. Don't Say Impossible
6. I'm Just a Man
7. Blame the People
8. Designed by Satan
9. How They Getcha'
10. Don't Stop Me Now See All 2
11. I Guess I'll Take You Back
12. I Am Crushed
13. Atrocity