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The Vandals: "Internet Dating Superstuds" CD


Image of The Vandals: "Internet Dating Superstuds" CD

The Vandals have stuck to their guns as the wackiest of all the prank-punk bands around with "Internet Dating Superstuds". Fast paced, catchy, and fun...The Vandals shine on this amazing album.

Track listing:

1. 43210-1
2. Appreciate/My Honesty
3. I'm Becoming You
4. Disproportioned Head
5. Soccer Mom
6. We'll All Get Laid
7. Little Weirdo
8. I Can't Wait
9. Where's Your Dignity?
10. My Brain Tells My Body
11. When I Say You I Mean Me
12. The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore
13. My Brother Is Gay
14. Lord Of The Dance