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The Vandals: "Peace Through Vandalism" CD


Image of The Vandals: "Peace Through Vandalism" CD

As poster boys of the original Huntington Beach punk rock scene in the very early 80s, The Vandals debut release provided the soundtrack for an era of mayhem and mindless rebellion for tens of thousands of bored teenagers from the suburbs to the hood. If you were punk rock in the 80s, this was your music. It started with Urban Struggle going from Rodney Bingenheimer’s Top 10, to #1 on KROQ’s mainstream play list in L.A. When the Vandals performed “The Legend Of Pat Brown” in the Roger Corman / Penelope Spheeris 1983 classic film “Suburbia” the EP became a must have for punks all over the world.

Peace Thru Vandalism is also a "must re-have" part of any collection that claims to have any punk rock in it.

Now digitally Re-Mastered by Michael Hateley, this punk rock classic sounds better then ever, and is on vinyl as it was originally intended to be!

Track Listing:

Wanna Be Manor
Urban Struggle
The Legend of Pat Brown
Pirate's Life
Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)